How can I get my autographed item authenticated?

Do you have an autograph that doesn’t have a certificate of authenticity (COA)? Did you get something signed in person and want to make sure it retains its value over time? You may know it’s real. You may have personally seen it get signed. But potential buyers will need more than just your word. That’s where major third-party authentication companies come in!

Third-party authentication companies hire experts who are trained to examine and determine whether an autograph was genuinely signed by the subject. Most collectors won’t consider buying an autograph without some form of authentication, so it’s best to get your signatures authenticated if you’re able, even if it’s just for the integrity of your collection.

Getting an item authenticated is relatively straightforward:

  • Find the authentication company that fits your collection best.
  • Follow their instructions on how to send your items in. This normally consists of filling out a form (printed or online) and physically sending your items to the company, usually via mail or by dropping them off at a local show.
  • After the authentication companies have physically received your cards, it’s a waiting game! You’ll usually receive an email once your order is complete, and your items will be mailed back to you, each boasting a certification sticker directly placed on your item to ensure the integrity of the authentication.

Please note though that different authentication companies can affect the value of the items. Some authentication companies are more widely accepted in the hobby than others. We recommend doing your research before submitting your collection to an authentication company that may not carry the same weight on the secondary market as a better, more established company.