international buyers information from steel city collectibles

International Buyers

Shipping Methods & Quotes

*Free shipping only applies to orders shipping within the continental United States.

The cost for international shipping can vary greatly depending on the destination, carrier chosen and the products you wish to purchase. For the most accurate quotes, please use the ‘Shipping Estimate’ form on the Shopping Cart page or in the checkout process. Please note that these rates do not include duties and import taxes charged by your government to receive the shipment.

Duties and Taxes

We do not include duties and import taxes in our shipping quotes or prices for international customers. The customer assumes all responsibility for paying these import fees. These fees are dictated by each countries government, so unfortunately we cannot estimate these costs for you.

High-Value International Orders

We may request additional identification and information when placing high-value international orders. This is done to protect us and our customers from fraud. In some cases, we may require that Bank Wire be used as the payment method for high-value international orders.