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Are your items factory sealed?

Unless explicitly stated, all boxes and cases are guaranteed to be factory sealed and unsearched. All of our items are purchased direct from the manufacturer or from trusted sources on the secondary market.

An item I was looking at purchasing recently jumped in price

The trading card and memorabilia market are not much different than the stock market. Price fluctuations vary greatly depending on sports events, player performance, team performance etc. At all times, Steel City Collectibles reserves the rights to increase or decrease the price of our items to stay in line with the market.

My product guaranteed more hits than I received. What do I do?

In some cases, you may receive less 'hits' than what is guaranteed on the box by the manufacturer. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence, but it does happen from time to time. You need to contact the manufacturer with proof of purchase, and they will compensate you in some way within the first year of the product's release. We are happy to provide you with any additional information that you may need to rectify the situation with the manufacturer.

I purchased a box and received an expired redemption card. Can I still get my cards?

When purchasing older product, it may contain expired redemption cards. In some cases, the manufacturer will compensate you with another card similar value as to what the expired redemption would be. This is not guaranteed, however. In purchasing older product, the buyer assumes the risk of receiving expired redemption cards.

I am unsatisfied with my purchase. Can I return it for a refund?

We will not accept returns on opened boxes, cases or packs of cards. If you have not opened your item and wish to send it back, please consult our Returns and Exchanges section to see if you qualify for a return.

I found a lower price on another website. Will you match the price?

We strive to have the most competitive pricing in the market and we want your business. However, we do sometimes have to purchase from secondary sources resulting in higher costs than they were originally. Please contact our sales team with your price match request and we will match whenever possible.

I am an international customer. Can I purchase every item on your website?

New products are often subject to embargos strictly enforced by the individual manufacturer. In order to retain our status as an authorized dealer, we must adhere to these restrictions at all times. The restrictions per manufacturer are listed below:

Upper Deck

All new Upper Deck releases are barred from being shipped to Canada for the first full calendar year.


We are prohibited from shipping new Panini Basketball releases to Asia for the first two years following their release date.

Releases before 2019-20 do not an apply and are eligible to be shipped worldwide.

Magic: The Gathering

We are unable to ship any Magic: The Gathering or Wizards of the Coast product to any location outside of the United States.

Our website will not allow international orders that have products which fall into the above restrictions to be placed automatically. If for any reason, an order that is placed that has items subject to the above restrictions, we reserve the right to cancel the order at any point.