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*Excludes all presales. Limited to one use per coupon per customer.

We offer the option to pre-order products not yet released by the manufacturer. We ask that customers who are pre-ordering products to please be aware of a few rules surrounding these purchases.

If I pre-order a product and the price changes, what happens?

The trading card and memorabilia market is not much different than the stock market. Price fluctuations vary greatly depending on product demand, sports events, player performance, team performance, and more. At all times, Steel City Collectibles reserves the rights to increase or decrease the price of our items to stay in line with the market.

By pre-ordering a product, you are agreeing to pay the current price of that product. You will not be charged more money if the price goes up but we also would not issue a refund for the price difference if the price was to go down.

Can I order pre-order and in-stock items at the same time?

Yes, you are able to order pre-order and in-stock items together. In the checkout, you will be asked to choose between two shipping options: Standard Shipping and Convenience Shipping.

If you choose Standard Shipping, your order will not be shipped until all presale items on the order have been released and received at our warehouse.

If you choose Convenience Shipping, each product on your order will ship as soon as possible based on availability.

Do you offer any down payment options?

Some pre-orders may be reserved with a nonrefundable $99 deposit. Placing this deposit locks in your price, saving you from unexpected price increases that are common before the actual release of a product. Provided that the balance is paid off before the release date, your case will be shipped to you the same day that it arrives at our warehouses.

If your pre-order is not paid off by the release date, your order may be subject to cancellation and forfeiture of the $99 deposit.

Pre-order Refund Policy

Due to payment processor restrictions, all refunds made on pre-orders older than 180 days will be returned in the form of website credit. Orders placed within the 180-day threshold will be refunded to the payment method used at the time of purchase.