Coupon Codes: MayCash5($5 off $100) MayCash50($50 off $1000) MayCash125($125 off $2500) MayCash300($300 off $5000)

*All pre-sale items are excluded from these coupon codes. Limited to one use per coupon per customer.

We offer the option to pre-purchase products not yet released by the manufacturer. We ask that customers who are preordering products to please be aware of a few rules surrounding these purchases.

If I pre-order a product and the price increases, what happens?

The price that you purchase a product at is the price that you will be charged. If the cost of the item goes up after you place your order, you will not be charged for the higher amount.

Can I order preorder and in-stock items at the same time?

Orders will only ship after all items on the order have been released.. This means that if you order in-stock items with presale items, your order will not be shipped until all presale items on the order have been released and received at our warehouse. To avoid this, we ask that you place separate orders for in-stock and preorder items.

Do you offer and down payment options?

Most cases on presale may be reserved with a $99 deposit. Placing this deposit locks your price, saving you from unexpected price increases that are common before the actual release of a product. Provided that the balance is paid off before the release date, your case will be shipped to you the same day that it arrives at our warehouses.

Please note: the $99 deposit is non-refundable.