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Steel City Collectibles is always buying trading cards, including unopened/factory-sealed hobby and retail boxes and cases, high-end singles and graded cards, authenticated autographs, and common autographs and non-manufacturer relic cards in bulk. View our most wanted buys and start your sale today!

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We are also buying the following:

Single Trading Cards

We're buying your high-end, vintage or insert cards worth over $100. Let us know what you have!

Pokemon and Gaming Cards

View our buy list to see our offers for gaming cards, including Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering unopened boxes and cases!

Non-Sport Cards

We're also looking to purchase any non-sport cards, TV and Movie cards, entertainment cards and more!

Autographed Memorabilia

We're looking for high-end certified autographs and memorabilia from big names such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Marilyn Monroe and more.

Qualifying Common Game Used & Autograph Cards

Players must be in Major League Team Uniforms. We are currently buying up to 20,000 of each style.

Please Note: Minimum shipment for payment or website credit is $200 worth of cards.

Sport Auto* GU*
Baseball $1.25/ea $1.25/ea
Basketball $1.00/ea $1.00/ea
Football $1.00/ea $1.00/ea
Hockey $1.00/ea $1.00/ea
Racing $0.50/ea $0.50/ea

Manufactured Patches

Please be aware that manufactured patches are not event or game used and therefore carry a value of $0.00.


Non-qualifying cards from 2000 and up, including minor leagues, Team USA, Pacific, Press Pass, Sage, etc, will be purchased at $0.40 per. Please separate by sport and do not ship cards in toploaders, screwdowns, magnetics or semi rigids. Soft sleeves are okay.

Any questions about what is qualifying or non-qualifying please include in the form below.

We are now buying your Panini Rewards Points!

  • Paying $0.05 per Panini point!
  • Minimum of 1,000 points
  • For more information and to get started, please e-mail Billy at [email protected]!
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    Unopened Boxes and Cases


    Single Cards

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