Paying top dollar for:

Unopened Boxes and Cases

We're always buying any Sports, Non-Sports or Gaming unopened boxes and cases. 

Single Cards

High-end, Vintage, Rookie and Insert cards over $100. 

Graded Cards

We're interested in purchasing graded Star Player, Rookie and Vintage cards from the following grading services: PSA, Beckett or SGC.

Autograph Memorabilia

We're looking for high-end certified autographs and memorabilia from big names such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehirg, Marilyn Monroe and more.


In addition to paying the highest prices for your cards, we're also interested in hearing what you have for trade.

Common Game Used & Autograph cards from the last 5 years in team uniform:

  • Baseball - $1 per card
  • Football - $1 per card
  • Basketball - $1 per card
  • Hockey - $1 per card
  • Racing - $1 per card

Common Cards

We will accept common cards delivered to our warehouse and packed into 5000ct boxes only. We can arrange a truck pickup if you have more than 360,000 cards. 

  • Football - $15 per 5000

We currently are not seeking Baseball, Basketball or Hockey commons at this time. As those needs change, we will post them here on the website. Please contact us with any questions.

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