What are group breaks?

You may see a lot of buzz about trading card and memorabilia breaks and razzes. In short, breaks are live-streamed box openings where collectors can join in and either split a box or case of cards as a group, or can have their personal box opened live on stream for instant gratification.

Group breaks are the most popular trading card breaks. The cost of a box of cards is split between collectors in a number of ways: by autograph or hit, by pack, by card, by player, by team, by sport, by conference/division, among others. Some breaks let you pick your teams and players, while other breaks will randomize the spots. Everyone buys their spots for the break, and once every spot in the break sells, the breaker will get the video stream started. The breaker will then open the entire pack, box, or case live on camera for everyone to see. Depending on the type of break, you’ll receive all the cards matched with your spot. For example, if you buy into a football break, and the team you get is the New England Patriots, you’ll get each and every New England Patriots cards from the break. This can include autographs, base cards, inserts, and more. It’s a great way to collect cards from a specific player, team, or sport from your favorite releases, and can be more budget friendly than buying an entire box or case outright.

Steel City Collectibles breaks 7 days a week

Personal breaks are a little different. Basically, you buy the box you’d want opened, and within minutes, the breaker is opening that box for you live on camera. It’s a great way to know the exact cards you’re going to be getting, especially if you’re getting big hits that you plan on selling.

Steel City Collectibles is proud to offer live group breaks and personal breaks seven days a week year round! If you ever have a question about a break, always ask the breaker first! We have several full-time breakers on our staff that would be happy to assist you. No question is too silly to ask. It’s always best to know before you buy! You can find our streams on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. You don’t need to buy in to join us on social media! Come watch our streams, join in on the chat, and have fun with our breakers! You can see what’s breaking at Steel City Collectibles today by clicking here.